Why shop local?

Why shop local?

Especially during the holiday season, you’ve probably heard a lot about shopping local. As a small business using locally sourced products, it’s something we’re big on, but there are actually there are lots of ways that shopping local can support you, your community, and even the environment!

Here are a few of our favorite reasons for shopping local! You may end up with something special and unique. From a consumer standpoint, shopping from small and local businesses can get you some truly unique products. Small business owners often make their products in small batches and sometimes by hand, so you’ll know that you’re getting a product that true time and effort went into.

Depending on the business’ policies, you might even be able to get something customized just for you, which is a bonus you often won’t find in larger stores. You’re supporting a member of your community, who will in turn support the greater community.

Small business owners can be your neighbors and your friends in the very town you live in, and even if you’re shopping online from a small business hundreds of miles away, you’re still supporting someone who is a part of their community. Small businesses in turn support their communities through taxes, participating in fundraisers and community events, and more!
Additionally, by shopping local, your money is funneled back into your community, rather than into a larger corporation. Shopping local can mean less waste and fuel emissions, contributing to a healthier environment.

Everything takes some amount of energy and waste to produce, but by shopping local, you can significantly cut down on the environmental impact your purchases may have. For example, it takes much more energy to transport fresh food from another part of the world to a supermarket
then it would take a local farmer to move their produce to their farm stand. The same goes for packaging–if you shop local, you can cut down on the amount of packaging that could end up in the trash, especially if you make a lot of online purchases. There’s no perfect solution, but shopping local can definitely contribute to better solutions when it comes to buying what you
need while being environmentally conscious.

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