Frequently Asked Questions

While you always should check with your doctor and consider your own health and dietary needs, generally speaking, it is safe to consume fermented foods in moderation. Check the packaging on the products that you purchase for any instructions, and consider buying from established business with safe production practices.

No. For example, pickles fermented with salt contain probiotics, but pickles fermented with vinegar do not. As a rule of thumb, fermented foods with probiotics are often refrigerated. (For more information, see All Lost Art products contain probiotics, which can help support gut health.

Typically you’ll be able to tell if you’re eating a fermented product, but not all fermented foods are super flavorful or spicy. For example, our ChipotlePikliz kraut is on the spicier side, but our Earthy Beets kraut is on the slightly sweeter side. Yogurt is another fermented food that can range in flavor depending on what is added to it.

Yes! Depending on the fermented food, there’s often even more benefits besides the gut-friendly probiotics. For example, Greek yogurt can also add protein to your diet. Additionally, our krauts are made with fresh, organic vegetables, so you can add both probiotics and vitamins to your meal!