How fermented foods can help you.

How fermented foods can help you.

As you’ll know if you’ve already sampled some of our products, fermented foods have the potential to add some zesty flavor to your meals, making your favorite things to eat even tastier! However, there’s so much more to fermented foods than their intense flavors–there can be tremendous health benefits associated with eating these foods as well! Fermented vegetables can add additional nutrients to your meals.

Perhaps you’re not a fan of veggies in their raw, natural forms. Our fermented krauts use fresh, organic vegetables as a base, but we transform their flavor through the fermentation process to create an entirely new taste! Therefore, if you’re eating spoon full of our krauts, you’re still packing your diet full of the vitamins and minerals that these vegetables naturally provide, but your taste buds may be way more satisfied.

Fermented foods can help feed the good bacteria in your gut.

The good bacteria that lives in your intestines is good for a lot of things, like digesting your food properly and fighting off illnesses. By eating fermented foods, you can help support the good bacteria living inside you, which in turn supports your overall health!

Fermenting foods can help them to last longer while it might not be a direct health benefit, the fermentation process can help fresh food to last longer. This can indirectly benefit you, since it means that nutritious foods can be made available off-season, giving people more access to healthy food.

By supporting a healthy gut, fermented foods may help your health in other areas. Research is still being done, but a healthy gut may mean good things for your health overall, such as supporting a strong immune system. And aiding your digestive system through fermented foods is relatively easy–just add some yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, or one of our kraut options to your shopping cart the next time you’re picking up groceries!

5 Reasons to Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet

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